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Smart innovation

The Innovation Management Group
mHealth, mFinance, mSecurity

The future technology market would be based on smart devices & apps for healthcare, financial, surveillance and security domains. We are inventing and implementing new technologies ranging from a simple blood sugar reader to bluetooth enabled radiography app with a custom device.

linux club Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting for Smart Business
Cost effective, Secure & Strong

Clients are our partners and we work with clients to find solutions to fit their requirements. We at Linux Club listen to your requirements and determine if the latest and the most secure technology can be appropriately applied to make your business better and more efficient.

Open Source Projects

FOSS & Open Source Projects & Promotions

By using open source technology and business model, we create superior products having competitive advantage over existing products available in the market, and generate multiple scalable revenue streams while being freely available throughout the F/OSS|FLOSS.

linux club - Open Source Model

Innovative Ideas create Intelligent Products
Redefine the limit of ideas here


We are constantly developing and creating new ideas that create a base for latest technical products with the use of embedded systems, smart devices and digital electronics. Our vibrant team is competent enough to find solutions for any industry requirements irrespective of business domain.

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Connecting Devices and Mobiles with Web
Smart devices and Word of technology


Our Products are not limited to a single channel, but to multi channel interactive and multi tier applications that communicate with smart phones, custom designed smart devices and of course to the INTERNET too. Our past projects and the ones that are currently in pipeline have proven to be capable of delivering any complex projects.

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Passion, Security and Economics of FOSS

Development, Promotions and Solutions


Started Linux Club for promoting Free and Open Source Software in early 90s in India and over the period of fifteen plus years of experience working with Open Source, Web Technologies, Smart Mobile applications and especially with LINUX kernel, we are now in a very stable stage to provide and promote any FOSS related projects, events or Business with FOSS.

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